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The 4th Obstacle

In the beginning it's so easy to care. You are enthralled and notice the subtleties. After a couple months or years, the object of your affection; be it a person, a hobby, a job, a practice, losses it's magical pull. You become slightly withdrawn, and less attentive. The fourth obstacle is

Pramada, carelessness or laziness. I hurt my neck doing the above postures (hard to believe). I entered it with negligence when I was tired. After that day, I vovled not to do that pose again. Why would I, If it hurt me. A year later, I've resisted it. I realize that if I run and blame every time I feel pain, there will be no depth in my life. Advanced poses are great because if we are careless the repercussions are obvious. But what about the softer things in life, how can we be attentive even when there is no risk? And why even bother?

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