Erin Evans is an entrepreneur, and a life strategist. For over a decade, she has been empowering people through movement and personal development. Armed with a business degree, a professional coaching program, a dedicated yoga practice and a great sense of humour; she has guided many to step up and make life affirming choices. Erin is a performance coach for wellness minded individuals who want to create more balance and conscious choice in their lives. Erin challenges her clients to be honest, and drop the resistance and fear around their goals. Erin asks her clients to look at their doubts and reframe their perspective on life and how to live it. Erin sees the possibility, not the problem. She will focus on your process and vision. Her enthusiasm will ignite yours and she will hold you accountable.


*payment plans available

One on One Session:  $105

Whether you are looking for a tune up or are about to make a transition, Erin will ask the questions to get you more aligned with your direction.

Transformation Pack: 9 sessions:  $831.60

For those looking to make lasting changes in their lives. We will take a deep dive into what you really want and how well what you are doing is getting you what you want. With powerful questioning and gentle observations the life you are after is within your reach. Erin will cheer you on and hold you accountable.


"Erin is  a confidante, a cheerleader and a trusted voice of reason. She helped me step into the person I wanted to be through incredible listening, empowering questions, and pure love. Erin knows when to challenge and when to listen. With Erin it is a judgement-free zone."

- Katrina Galka

"Erin is pure joy! She is an honest and caring coach with a unique ability to really listen and understand what I am saying and feeling.  Erin is able to keep me focused and accountable for taking my next steps to move forward toward my goals.  Throughout our sessions Erin freely shares her great sense of humor which makes working with her a true pleasure. Thanks, Erin!" 
- Eileen G. 

"Erin’s superpower is mirroring your brilliance back to you.  She gently guided me to the core of a block and facilitated me to shift it. Erin held my feet to fire, gently yet firmly, to support me excavating beliefs that were not serving me.  She held me accountable and had me commit to making changes.  Habit by habit, little by little. She is solution oriented and supports you seeing how your “impossible” can be possible."

- Sarah H.