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Are you there god? it's me, Margaret.

‘Are you there god, it’s me Margaret’ but seriously, are you there god? I’ve been feeling the energy of my life pull me in another direction and I’m scared. It’s safe where I am; no judgement, no possibility of failure. But what’s the point of life? Playing it safe? Doing what I’ve always done? I preach possibility and limitlessness and yet here I stand frozen by fear. I’ve spent the last year getting my professional coaching designation and have completed over 30 hours of 1 on 1 sessions. And what’s the ‘why’ that makes me wanna cry? I’ve climbed arduous mountains, I am intimate with pain and how to navigate it. I’ve been stuck, I’ve failed and I’ve thrived. I am a life strategist and a lover of people. I listen and I care. If you want to take a deep dive and need an advocate for your greatness, I’m your girl.

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