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1st Obstacle

Like a mom sneaking grated carrots into brownies, I like to sneak yogic philosophy into my classes. My next 9 blog posts will be about the 9 obstacles on the path of a yogi or anyone trying to accomplish anything.

We've all been there, things are going smoothly when out of nowhere we get knocked by something that requires us to dig deep and persevere. A teacher of mine says it's the Demi gods, they've seen our progress and are worried we are getting somewhere so they toss down an obstacle hoping it steers us off course.

The first obstacle is Vyadhi, sickness or injury. When you are ill or hurt is is hard to think of anything beyond that, let alone stay inspired. It requires that you rest and in turn you inevitability lose some momentum. It requires verve to return to your previous capacity and output. If you are injured, do your work to get strong and get back on your feet again. The world needs your art.

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