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A cry for love

I am so thankful for my work. I am in awe of the process that inevitably unfolds when people come together to journey to the heart. The month of May I was in Bali with a group of people from all corners of the globe: Poland, Ontario, BC, Australia, Banff. They came to work, they came to learn. My man looked over my schedule before we started and said “Babe, that’s crazy, they can’t handle that.” Turns out they could and they excelled. A few members were a little shaky at first, perhaps a little turned off by the intensity level. After week one, each member started to step up. Some physically, some mentally, some heartily? My biggest learning thus far, and what I must always remember is that everything is a cry for love. All of it. The neediness, the tears, the handstand, the jokes, the stories. All of us do something, praying to god someone will notice and love us for it. Some of us are funny, some needy, some hardworking. What do you do for love?

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