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Things end.

Things end; relationships, lives, jobs, "This is Us" (It will guys, the good ones always do). How then do we carry on loving and living, knowing that just around the corner could be some pain? The yogis' talk about the human condition of perpetual suffering, Dukkha. Naturally the human mind fantasizes about the future, (a vacation, a new love, marriage, a job, a home) or dwells in the past (why me, poor me, my parents, bad past relationships). Both of these ways of the brain are painful because they keep us from being in this moment/reality. Some folks may object that dreaming of the future is a good thing because it is anticipation and preparation. The problem is, when you anticipate the future you a) have expectations and b)the likelihood of dropping that tendency of future thinking when on vacation is nearly impossible. The only cure, awareness of the way you think/plan/live and a desire to be free.

I'm motivated to write this post because I signed my divorce papers this week. Big gulps hey folks... What a ride. It feels good tho. This chapter can come to a close. My promise is not to dwell in regret or what could have been different. My promise is to re-write the story of divorce for my son and for myself. I could so easily label myself by this road block but I refuse. I see only my fingers on this keyboard. Can you promise to consider my words?


Banff, AB, Canada